Find a New Pet Companion in the Dilute Turquoise Parrotlets


The view of birds’ chirping away and fluttering those small wings always cheer the mind and heart especially that of the little children. Since ancient times, even before dogs or cats were considered as pets, birds were usually preferred as pets even amongst the royals. Cockatoos, parrots and Macaws were and still are the most sought after pets. Currently apart from them there are several new popular exotic bird species that have the attention and major demand as pets. The little dilute turquoise parrotlets are making amazing pets and are totally adorable and beautiful. They are so small that they can be easily held at palm of your hand.
These pretty birds are offspring of the blue turquoise parrotlet and the American yellow parrotlet female. You can find a dilute turquoise parrotlet only as a result of mating between these two birds species. Since mating of blue turquoise parrotlet and American yellow parrotlet is very rare in nature and natural environment, it can be found common when these birds are kept as pets.

In last few years the popularity of the dilute turquoise parrotlet has increased in number with people from different corners of the world seeking them as a pet. There have quite a few numbers of reasons as to why they have been in demand so much. Since they are exotic birds, you will find them charmingly colorful and delightful to look at. They also have been found to form genuine tight bonds easily with the humans and are very affectionate and loving towards them. The attachment that these birds have with owners is completely lovely and strong. Like other pets, they totally love to be cared, cuddled, petted and scratched. These simple gestures are enough to bond them with you. Unlike other bird pets like parrots or cockatoos, these little one don’t make the loud screeching noise and are in fact quiet and peaceful birds. These birds are also highly social ones and hence getting a pair of them would be a better choice. You can also teach them some tricks as well as how to talk. For people living in posh areas, apartments or condos, they will truly make the perfect pet making your home more graceful.

Since finding these birds are very rare, it is very important that you pick them from the right place. Ensure that the place has pedigree bloodlines and breeds these birds in a proper manner. Another factor that plays a critical role in the breeding of these birds is the right and perfect climate. Usually, it takes nearly two-years to breed a dilute turquoise parrotlet. Proper care and technique is involved in creating them from two different blood lines. Another important thing while purchasing them is learning about their habits and needs. The information will help you in taking proper care of them at home and also ensuring their healthy life. Consult your nearby pet store for more information or read through books and the internet. Since they are a delicate species it’s vital that you are able to take the right caring and feeding procedure.


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